Sunday, 26 October 2014


Here are some ways which you can follow with simple ingredient that can be used for a pedicure at home and also good for cracked heels.

To soften tough calluses on soles of feet coat with a mixture of 6 crushed aspirin tablets and half cup each of water and lemon juice.Wrap feet with a warm towel and scrub your calluses with a pumice stone after ten minutes. Within a few days the calluses will soften and can be easily removed.

Roast an onion and make a paste.Use this on the cracks on your feet.The cracks will disappear within a months time.

 After a bath massage the feet with a few drops of mustard oil for 5 minutes.Pour 2 mugs of water over them.A daily treatment will make your feet soft.

For a quick pedicure add a few drops of vinegar to 1/2 cup curd and rub this mixture well on the feet, ankles and heels and between the toes. After 10 minutes wash off with warm water. This remove dead tissues and the skin become softer too.

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