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With summer approaching and the temperature rising, there are a few things that begin to worry women. As layers of clothing start coming off, here are a few things about your body that signal immediate attention:
1. You have probably been over eating the entire winter to keep warm, and have gained weight around visible areas like stomach, thighs and arms.
2. You have been moisturising your skin daily and that has made you notice the flaking skin your woollens and weather left you with.
3. Once you start exercising to get back in shape your dried up non-elastic skin will definitely develop stretch marks once you begin to lose weight.
While it is easy to exercise regularly and keep a check on the food intake, what we generally struggle with is the rejuvenation of skin, exfoliation and stretch marks. While it is simple to hide them in winter with jackets and sweaters but with the onset of summers, they worry us all. We feel salon and parlour visits is the only solution when in reality the all-in-one cure is available to us all at home.
Recipe: Coffee body scrub (One time use)
Coconut/ olive / baby oil
Sugar granular (half a cup)
Coffee grains / coffee powder (half a cup)
Semolina or 'Suji' (half a cup)
1. Mix the ingredients together in a bowl.
2. Add oil to the mixture depending on the consistency required.
3. The consistency depends on your skin type - which means - if you have oily skin - you probably want the batter to be coarse while if you have a thin, sensitive or flaky skin - you will require to beat the batter more.
How to use:
1. Make the batter immediately before your bath, to avoid the suji from soaking up the oil and sugar from dissolving.
2. Use the batter before your have soaped and shampooed your self.
3. You can use the batter on your entire body, though keep it away from your eyes.
4. Use generous amounts, rub the batter all over your body, especially over the affected areas as discussed above till the sugar almost dissolves.
5. Leave it on for at least 10 minutes before bathing.
6. You can use the same on your face as well, though don't leave it on and rinse it off immediately with your face wash.
7. Go over the process again if skin doesn't feel supple after rinsing it off.
1. Not more than 3 times a week on alternate days - as your skin needs time to rejuvenate from the vigorous exfoliation and over use can cause open pores causing body acne.
1. Try to use warm or room temperature water while bathing; hot water is likely to cease the effect of this batter as it dries the skin quickly.
2. Pat-dry yourself after your bath and avoid rubbing the towel to avoid rashes as this may leave your skin temporarily sensitised.
Not only does this recipe help relax tense muscles after a long day, the results will be visible after the first wash itself and over a period of just 2 to 3 weeks time you will see evidently healthier skin and lesser stretch marks and cellulite dimples!
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